Friday, December 12, 2014

December Daily 10

10 Things About December 10:

1) We are preparing for the "Storm of the Decade" in the Bay Area
2) Preparations include flashlights, chips & salsa, new board games and ingredients to bake cookies
3) Californians are wimps, we do better in sunshine 
4) Thank God we don't have to deal with storms on a regular basis 
5) With all the storm prep, we almost forgot to go to Lucca's ballet class, but remembered just in time and were only 15 mins late
6) Rustin working from home right now is very amazing & special. This extra time spent with the kids has been incredibly impactful and the best memories are being made. 
7) We ate egg salad sandwiches for dinner.  Fancy!
8) The laughter that came from the kids while playing Operation for the 1st time was the absolute best sound in the world
9) I got all our Christmas cards sent out!
10) Angels We Have Heard on High just took the place of O Holy Night for my favorite traditional Christmas carol 

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