Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two days of kindergarten in the books and we enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing Saturday today.  As the day comes to a close, I just don't want to forget my favorite parts with my favorite girl.

Lucca and I were heading to a birthday party today, and as I was putting the tissue paper in the gift bag I asked Lucca if I should put one more sheet of tissue paper in and she responded with "I reckon we shall!"

I died laughing.  Not a clue where she heard that, and to use it in the right context was hilarious.

Today on the way to Target...
Lucca: I wish Jesus was my kindergarten teacher.
Mom: That would be cool, then you would be like a disciple.
Lucca: And then, he could give me pixie dust and I could fly..

When riding bikes this morning, Lucca started to fall so she completely let go of her handlebars and let the bike take her down.  She cried and cried and then a couple minutes later, she stopped crying and said, "I think I just rode a unicycle.  When I let go of the handlebars, it was like riding on a unicycle for second."  And then she busted up laughing.  Couldn't believe it.

Also, can I tell you how sweet she is at bedtime?
She's queen of the longest goodbyes.  This is how it goes when I am done saying goodnight to Lucca and I'm walking out of her bedroom, every night:
Goodnight Mommy!
See you in the morning.
See you in the morning.
I love you the most.
No, I love YOU the most.
Have sweet dreams.
You too babe.
You're the best mom.
You're the best girl.
Ok, goodnight!
...times 10.

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dlkrug1 said...

She sure is a sweet and funny girl! Reminds me so much of you. Glad you captured her comments before they disappear from your memory.