Sunday, March 23, 2014


Our first baby, Lucca Elizabeth, turned FIVE!!!!!  5!  Can you believe it?  Neither can we. 

We decided to celebrate the big birthday with a trip to Disneyland.  Daddy has a way of making things very special around here.  We had the very best time and already want to go back.  

We came home with a pile of memories.  Highlights include Lucca's first time on Splash Mountain and Jackson's first roller coaster, which Daddy made an awesome video of.  Lucca rides an emotional roller coaster every time she goes on any ride, and it goes like this:  smiling, nervous, scared, crying, laughing, loving it & then begging to ride it again.  ON ALMOST EVERY RIDE.  Exhausting!  I think she had tears AND smiles on all but maybe 3 rides.  Our girl.  We are so, so proud of our girl.  The last five years with this angel have been a dream.

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