Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

During the day, Lucca was a kitty for the 3rd year in a row :)  Jackson was Super Why all the living long day.  After naps, Lucca turned into an angel and we went to the neighborhood Halloween party.  When it got dark, we took the kids trick or treating down our street and it was so fun.  It took us one house to get warmed up, where we realized Lucca wasn't wearing her angel wings and where Jackson had his second enormous freak out over the 8-year-old Storm Trooper who answered the door.   The earlier freak out was over an astronaut putting on his "really scary" space helmet.  Traumatic.  

Turns out our street is the gem of all trick-or-treating.  Lots of very generous old people thrilled to get little ones in costume on their doorstep.  We had so much fun meeting neighbors and chatting about the Halloweens of past at the country club.

Goodbye Halloween 2013.  You are officially over.

We spent the morning exploring and playing at a new park.  Such a solid day.  So many games of Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light.  The kids loved playing in the bushes collecting sticks for our Thankful Tree.  Everything is just more fun on holidays.

And a Halloween glow-in-the-dark tubby to finish the festive night.  

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Masters Family said...

Oh how I wish we all lived closer! You are such a great mama Kels!