Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today was a good day

Tuesdays are the most rad because
1) we sleep in
2) no preschool
3) we go on big adventures

Today's adventure took us to San Francisco to the Presidio library on Sacramento Street. We got Lucca & Jackson their first library cards at a library without late fees on children's books! Perfection.

We also went to the bathroom three times in 30 minutes. Does the library make everyone need to go to the bathroom or just my family? Cool. After we picked out as many princess, dog, Berenstein Bears and Pinkalicious books as we could find, we left and got hot chocolates. THIS is a big deal. Lucca was in heaven and just about the most perfectly behaved little girl you ever did see after learning we were on a hot chocolate mission. She even offered to carry my purse! That girl and sweet treats, you've never seen anything like it. Jackson passed on the hot chocolate opportunity (poor guy doesn't know what one is yet)..

We skipped naps and read all our new stories cuddled around the space heater during the afternoon. For dinner, Lucca came up with the idea to pack it up and eat it in the wagon on our walk tonight...and that's what we did. Sometimes you just gotta go with it, and it works. And it's fun. And the kids love it. We walked down our street to the golf course and collected stray golf balls. Then we watched big kids play tennis at the tennis courts. Then we chased wild turkeys and made our way back home as it was getting dark.

Now I have two sleeping babies. The house is quiet and I can't help but feel so dang blessed and lucky that tomorrow we get to wake up and do it all over again.
Except with naps, of course.


swisher sweet said...

you are a berry good mommy. your kids are so blessed.

swisher sweet said...

you are a berry good mommy. your kids are so blessed.

kyla_ruck said...

You are seriously the best mama!