Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lucca's 4th Birthday Party

When you are a three year old girl, you spend each and every moment of life dreaming about the day you turn four. You discuss every possible party theme option with your mother, before you decide upon a "Rainbow" party. After the theme is set, you spend every day dreaming about the party favors, the food, the cake and the friends who will be helping celebrate your party. Is anything in life more significant than a birthday? A party?!?! I think not! So when March 15th rolled around, and Lucca woke up sick as a sweet puppy, imagine the horror. A planned party, a decorated house, a 102 degree fever and several texts to understanding mom friends later, the party was canceled. I felt so so bad for my girl, but then I remembered she was 4. Four! Not all was lost -- Grammie and Pops had already come, and everything was already set for the party, so technically the party could go on. And it did. With Mommy, Daddy, brother, Grammie & Pops, Lucca had the most stunning and fun 4th birthday party she imagined. We sat around the table and decorated princess crowns together.  We made necklaces.  We painted watercolor masterpieces. We ate egg salad sandwiches and rainbow cupcakes. We celebrated our girl. And we had the best time.

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Kelly said...

What a wonderful celebration for Lucca. She doesn't even look sick in the pics! Love, Pops