Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The little lady is 4! FOUR!!! Lucca couldn't wait to go to her 4-year-old check-up. She had her first hearing test and eye test, which were hilarious. Trying to get a four year old to hit the button when they hear the beep is FUN-NY! And the eye chart was comical as well, listening to Lucca say "Street Crosser" for the "+" symbol cracked me up every time. Turns out she is as healthy and perfect as she's always been. Still cruising at 75% for height and weight. She weighs 36lbs and is 41 1/4 inches tall. She got a shot like a champ, told the Dr. she only eats bell peppers and cucumbers, and then raced out of there as quickly as she raced in.

May the fourth year old my baby girl's life be as magical as the first three.   When she made this dandelion wish today, she ran and told me she wished she would live with her mommy forever. 
Then I officially died, on the spot, at the park. 

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