Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lucca has been getting herself more time outs these days. She is not a naughty girl, she has the sweetest spirit and a whole lotta love in her heart. Sometimes a little too much love, for Jackson in particular. She just can't keep her hands off him. This is what sends her on time outs.

Lucca, stop touching his face.

Lucca, don't poke his eyes.

Don't kiss him while Mommy is changing his dirty diaper!

Lucca, give brother some space.

Lucca, don't put your mouth on his ears.

And on and on. She can't hardly help herself. She adores him. 
But it really isn't okay to touch his eyes. Or lick his ears.

For the LOVE. I realize this is not a bad problem to have, too much love, but we are workin' on our big sister listening skills :)

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