Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodnight Boats

Part of Lucca's bedtime routine is brushing her teeth while standing at the front door saying "Goodnight" to the boats in the bay. Yet another little piece of Sausalito we will miss when we move on from here.

On another note... Are all two-year-olds bedtime routines as prolonged as ours? Starting at 7:00 Lucca takes a bath, then watches her show, eats a bedtime snack, reads a story or three, brushes her teeth, looks at the boats, kisses her brother and daddy goodnight, says goodnight to all the family photos in our home, and then we enter her bedroom. We talk about what we did that day, sometimes we sing a song, and then I tuck her in her bed. She asks me if everything is closed for the day...the grocery store, the coffeeshop, the deli, etc. I say Yes, and that's the end of the routine. 8:00...Night, Night, Lucca. Whew.

(then she talks & sings from anywhere between 5 minutes to 1.5 hours in her crib)


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