Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My heart.

My sweet Lucca,

I've so appropriately called you a little gem since you were a wee babe and today this nickname could not have been more fitting. You melted my heart about a billion times today. Two years old is a crazy age -- some days are amazing, some days test every bit of patience that exists in my body. Your personality is larger than life and most days the sky is your limit.

Today you wore a pretty little white dress, sweet as could be. Daddy woke you up and made you breakfast and let me stay in bed. I woke up to you climbing into my bed asking me to read you a Curious George book. "Mommy wakes up," you said. We watched your favorite show, Super Why, which you dance and sing the intro to every single time. We walked to the park and went straight to the swings of course. On the swings you like to sing Doe-a-Deer, play the Rhyme game, and count, both in English and Spanish. Then you made a birthday cake in the sand, used sticks for candles and sang happy birthday to Muno. You ran in the grass, chased a butterfly until it flew away, and then you came running back to me saying "Excuse me mommy, do you know where that butterfly went?" ... I died.

You ate three bean salad and a mini Cibo muffin for lunch. We had lunch with Daddy, so that was a treat. You touched the flamingos and crocodiles (people in Sausalito have wacko yard ornaments..) on the way back to our house the way you always do. We galloped. We hopped. We jumped.

After nap, you didn't want to go anywhere - you just wanted to play at the house. You love to use your imagination. You played with your animals, lined them all up on your surfboard so they could surf. Then they had a tea party. The gorilla stayed in the bag like he always does...you play with all the animals but him.

We went to the grocery store and you got two balloons from the nice old guy that loves when we come in. You also took a bath with those balloons tonight. We watched Gabba and got ready for bed. Jackson was having a rough time settling down and was crying which sometimes makes you cry, you sweet little thing. I got him to sleep and then read your Mickey Mouse story that you waited so, so patiently for. Sometimes it's rough being the big sister and being second in line to the newborn baby, but you do it so well - you really are the best big sis.

You sang your way to sleep to the song of choice lately, This Old Man. I hope you have the sweetest dreams tonight my little lady Lucca-Lu.

You. Are. A. Gem.