Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh poop

Ahhh, potty training! We finally did it. Lucca was ready at 16 months and here we are, pooping and peeing on the potty at 2 years old. I missed the window at 18 months. We bought a potty and Lucca pooped on it once and wanted nothing to do with it after that, until this past week when we made diapers disappear and Yo Gabba Gabba undies appear. I am still waiting for the "it's so freeing" feeling to hit, because right now we plan our whole day in small increments based on when/where/how often she will have to pee.

After spending 5 pretty solid days at home, boy oh boy were we all ready to get out of the house. So far, we are on Day 8 and haven't had any accidents since Day 2. I'm convinced potty training is more of a mommy accomplishment than a child's. I didn't realize how exhausting it would be -- sitting on the bathroom floor reading stories for hours on end, making up potty songs and word games while sitting on the potty, bribing with treats, asking every 5 seconds if she had to pee, waiting patiently for the glorious poop to come, and doing it all over again and again. Not to mention packing the change of clothes or two every time we go somewhere, just in case.

It all makes sense to me now why so many mom's post facebook status updates about their kid finally pooping on the potty. Because it is a FREAKING BIG DEAL!! Never again will I mock the mama who proclaims victory over potty training on a social network, because it is a victorious feeling indeed.

Mission Accomplished.


Alane with Monsters in Tow said...

Thanks for making me laugh in remembrance of potty training Ben. Sadly, it wasn't until he was *THREE* that he'd take a chance again. He was so ready at 18 months, but we were in such a place of upheaval in our lives that I couldn't do it. But I totally lived what you just did with Lucca -- we sat for a whole day in July in front of PBS Kids waiting for the poop to drop. His first poop in the potty FREEEEEEEAKEd him out (he cried like he'd been bit by a bee!). Congratulations to YOU for the accomplishment. Now, only ONE is in diapers! Yipeeeee!

Kara said...

It IS a big freaking deal! Good job mama! We've only been at it for 3 weeks and I already feel the freedom. It's just around the corner!

Mutha K said...

I've been cheering right along with you on this accomplishment. Now I know why people were so agreeable to pay the PS $100/mo. for us to PT their kids. should have been $100/day!!! This was such a fun post to read and then . . . the picture with the helmet ~ hilarious!