Friday, May 6, 2011

Drama Queen

LUCCA, LUCCA, LUCCA! Your mommy and daddy sure do love you. You have become quite an emotional little girl over the past few weeks since your baby brother has moved in. While you adore your buddy, your emotions are in full swing with mommy and daddy. And let me tell you...a two-year-old emotional roller coaster is a FUN ride! The latest? Every time you come back from the park with Daddy-O you burst through the front door asking me for a special surprise. I made the mistake once of having a "special surprise" waiting for you when you got back from playing outside, and now you think this is part of the routine. You try to demand a surprise, mommy tells you we don't have a special surprise every day, and you burst into full on tears. This happens every day. Oh the DRAMA.

You also have a little scratch on the top of your nose right by your eye. Not sure how you got this, but you can't leave it alone and you pick the scab off every day. Today I told you to stop picking the scab on your "ouchie" so that it can heal. As soon as I say the word "ouchie" you start totally sobbing. Tears galore. As if it still hurts. All because I pointed out the scratch on your nose. So, I told Lucca not to touch it about three times today, and every time we talked about it, the same reaction from my drama queen. Sobbing. And needing big hugs from mommy. At this rate, I am pretty sure that scratch is never going away.

No clogged tear ducts around here, that is for sure. The best part? Every time Lucca cries, she goes and stands in front of the mirror to watch herself crying. Totally normal, right?


Mutha K said...

Funny! Now I remember, very clearly, a liitle girl who picked EVERY scab, too. We almost got through the healing of all the chicken pox scabs until one day when she picked the big one near her eyebrow and now has the scar to prove it. That little girl became a mommy who is now trying to keep her little girl from doing what she did!

ksize said...

I used to LOVE watching myself cry in the mirror. Like, sobbing. We all have a little drama queen in us, don't we?