Thursday, November 18, 2010


How annoying are other moms? Today at gymnastics, we had to deal with a few of my not-so-favorite types of moms. If your kid is too old for class, MOVE THEM TO THE NEXT AGE CLASS. Instead, don't let your bully run over the little tots and kick them in the face. And then when they do kick a 1.5 year old in the face, don't make excuses for your kid and tell me "it was just a gentle tap" when my child is sobbing with a red welt on her face. Then, don't proceed to try to make everything better by telling me how much you just love my daughter's name and how adorable her outfit is. Really.

Also, is it just me or does every single mother think their child is "sooo coordinated" when they can handle a ball at 2 years old? Newsflash: every 2 year old likes playing with balls. This does not mean you are raising the next Pele, nor do you need to brag to the rest of us, whose children also can run and jump and kick and throw balls.

I can't even wait til I meet the REAL soccer moms. This is going to get fun!


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oh, can't wait for the soccer games to start and we can take on those moms together!!!

Anonymous said...

your preaching to the choir :) watch out here comes mama bear!