Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home sweet home, and back together as a family once again! 2010 has been BUSY! I'd like to meet a more traveled one-year old than Lucca...because I think she's probably pretty hard to beat.

Rustin "worked" from home today and we had so much fun. He got to come to gymnastics with us for the 1st time. He loved watching Lucca doing somersaults, hanging from the bar, running around and playing with her little friends. And she LOVED having her daddy there watching her. The little smirk on her face was priceless as she would glance over at him to make sure he was watching her.

Here's Lucca at lunch, waving to every other person dining on the patio:

Playing ball with Daddy at the Little Gym

That's our girl...the one with both arms reached out to catch the bubbles...

**In other news, Lucca has decided to tell us every time she goes poo. "Poo!" is what she shouts when she is going. I am hoping this means she will be easy to potty train (?!?)


Mutha K said...

Picture #1
Miss Social Butterfly can be the mayor of Sausalito.

Picture #2
What a treat to have Daddy come to gym class. I can just picture that CoCo's expression as she looked for her Daddy's approval. If she could talk, she'd be saying, "Watch me!"

Picture #3
Keep looking up, Lucca!

swisher sweet said...

happy for the luck that her dada was there. mostly happy for you though kels.