Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today was one of my most favorite days with Lucca. She is at such a sweet, fun stage of life. I always say I want to freeze time and keep her my little baby forever, but every day just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! Today was just a typical Thursday, nothing planned out of the ordinary, but I just enjoyed the company of my 9-month old so, so much, all day long.

We went out to breakfast with Daddy. We went Christmas shopping. We played chase. We sang. We danced. We ate avocado's. We read books. And we cruised. Cruising is Lucca's current stage of mobility. (It now makes sense why we are in the Pampers "Cruisers" size...never realized the definition of the term when I first bought them...). She can get anywhere she wants to if she is hanging onto something. She cruises around the coffee table, the couch, my legs, cruises along the kitchen cabinets, the stove, the kitchen table legs, you get the idea. She's a mover!

Today was refreshing. Today makes me feel like we are doing something right. Today, we felt like we could have written Happiest Baby on the Block. And on that note, we are going to bed early, before anything changes :)


Anonymous said...

Darling pictures!!!She is finally getting some hair even though she and Lincoln have a ways to go to catch Lila..That little pink doll was just like one Kelley had as a baby, was it yours?? Merry Christmas if we don't catch up with you in Seattle and enjoy your visit!!!!Chris

KELSEY C. said...

Yes, it was my doll!