Sunday, July 26, 2009

LA or bust

Our lives have been busy, busy, busy! Last Monday, we had movers come take all our stuff from our place in San Francisco to the new place in Sausalito. With everything in boxes, and Rustin in LA for work, Lucca and Mama decided to hop on a plane to LA to visit Daddy. He has been shooting/editing a Nintendo commercial that is hopefully almost finished! We missed him lots, so we flew down to be with him on Tuesday - Saturday. Lucca had fun in the sun and continues to be such an easy traveler. Thank God because we take this girl EVERYWHERE! We took long walks on the beach and enjoyed plenty of room service while mama also had to work...from the hotel room. Never a dull moment these days!


Anonymous said...

We love getting to see her changing and growing.... sooo cute:) Kadlubs

swisher sweet said...

She is so gonna be BLONDE! And I love the feet up in the stroller. True Lucca-style.