Thursday, June 4, 2009

Foot Rattles!

We introduced Lucca to foot rattles yesterday and it was so hilarious watching her figure them out.  Whoever invented these things is brilliant.  I was just cracking up watching Lucca kicking her legs and trying to catch the elephant and monkey on her feet.  She didn't quite know what I put on her feet, she just knew she wanted them in her mouth!  
Mom, what in the world did you put on my feet??  
Checking them out and shaking her feet to listen to the rattle
Trying to touch them
Yeah!  She reached them!
And here, she finally got what she eat them :)


Masters Family said...

love it! :) so stinkin cute!!!

swisher sweet said...

RIP adorable yellow onesie...

Josh and Season Johnson said...

that is so funny! i love her so much!

maven said...

is it wrong if i want these booties for myself??